Calico Tote Bags - NQR

Calico Tote Bags - NQR

Our Calico bags are all natural coloured calico cotton bags and are high quality 120gsm with high denier.  100% cotton our Calico bags are also all cross stitched on the inside seams which means they are stronger than your average calico bag!

Calico Bag is 37cm wide x 42cm high PLUS with two long handles.  Natural coloured.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please note as our calico bags are 100% cotton they are not suitable for machine washing. We recommend a gentle cold hand wash and drip dry if they need to be cleaned.


Discounted stock, these products are less than Perfect. 

We sometimes receive products that have been damaged in transit of not quite right from suppliers. 

If you need a sample product or want to test sizing, material, quality then these will be great for you. 

There are no refunds or returns on NQR products. Some may have the tiniest mark, dint or scratch while others may be more noticeable.